Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Virtual Christmas Card.

I am lame. I am cheap.

These 2 previous sentences are the reason I am not sending out Christmas cards. Most of the people who care about our family read this here blogdango. Those who may not know about it will get a paper copy of the amazingly fantastic poem I'm going to write in a minute.

That being said, Merry Christmas! Here is our Christmas card/letter;

It seems we've all gathered together again,
To celebrate the end of 2010.
Join us as we speak of this year,
With love, laughter & Christmas cheer.

Matthew is 11 and loves his airplanes,
He's happy outside, even when it rains.
Reading, violin and how to take flight,
Keep his attention 'til late in the night.

Nicole is 12 and learning to cook,
She'd rather sew or draw, than read a book.
Piano and clarinet - her musical choices,
In choir she adds to the beautiful voices.

Dedra's at home, teaching 7th grade,
Doing laundry and getting dinner made.
Ward organist is her current 'job',
Writing poems is currently her

Ken's job is an undertaker,
Funerals for the Christian, Agnostic and Quaker.
Ward Mission Leader is his calling,
Exchanges, discussions and Elder's he's hauling.

The very best part of 2010?
Our family has finally grown again!
Anna Rebekah is 4 years old.
Adopting a child is worth more than gold.

May 2011 bring you peace and plenty.
May your hardships be few,
And your blessings many.

Merry Christmas!
Ken, Dedra, Nicole, Matthew and Anna


  1. cute! how about this one. I didnt send anything this year -and I am not creative enough to do an online card. :(

    My mom used to draw and write a poem each year for as long as I can remember for Christmas until we all moved out.

  2. ...and here we see ANOTHER of your creative outlets-SOOO GOOD!:-) SOOO MANY things you do WELL, Dedra. You said it all in such a fun way and the method of delivery---perfect:-)
    May many magical things of Christmas finish out your year just the way this year has been so far-a very blessed one. Sherry